Cocaine Addiction Treatment

What is Cocaine Addiction?

An extremely addictive drug, Cocaine acts on the brain which causes the excessive release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. This release produces a feeling of euphoria, which is often known as a high. The addiction to Cocaine is so compelling that the user develops the symptoms just after the use of drugs for a handful of times. The withdrawal symptoms from cocaine are different as it does not produce the same unpleasant as seen in those who stop using other drugs. The Cocaine Addiction Treatment is an essential procedure that helps in the recovery of the addicts who overcome their perceived drug demand. With the help of inpatient or outpatient medical drug addiction treatment, the accomplishment of cocaine addiction recovery happens which is then followed by ongoing counseling and peer support.

Cocaine addiction symptoms

The symptoms of cocaine addiction are more behavioral than they are physical. And continuing the use of drugs even after knowing its negative consequences makes the person a cocaine addict. It is evident that the same physical addiction isn’t produced by the use of cocaine as in the case of other substances, such as heroin and alcohol. But its effects are for short duration which is then followed by a short period of intense activity of depression and anxiety known as a crash. This eventually leads to quick drug cravings to relieve that crash. To avoid this condition to worsen in the future, the addicted individual must be taken to a de addiction centre and necessary steps will then be suggested by the psychiatrists and physiotherapists working there.

Following are the typical signs of cocaine addiction –

  1. Work and family conflicts
  2. Financial difficulties
  3. Feelings of paranoia
  4. Unable to stop the use of cocaine even if so desired
  5. Lying about the amount of cocaine use
  6. Fearing energy loss if cocaine use is discontinued

Effects of drug use –

It isn’t necessary that the effects mentioned below fall under the cocaine addiction symptoms. These effects can also be found in the patients who are addicted to other drugs as well.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Violent or abnormal behavior
  3. Nosebleeds or bleeding sinuses
  4. Increase in appetite
  5. Extreme tiredness and decreased activity
  6. Disturbing dreams

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The Cocaine Addiction Treatment is done with the users who have developed a high-addiction symptom of cocaine and it can be treated with an intensive counseling. The first and the most important step to this treatment is deciding which cocaine rehabilitation centre to get it from. Often, the treatment of cocaine addiction involves behavioral therapy and inpatient rehabilitation. These methods are highly recommended as they increase the chance of a successful recovery.

There are many drugs rehabilitation centers for the cocaine addiction treatment but it is important to choose the right one as not all of them are right for everyone. Therefore, it is always advised to look for the de addiction centre which specifically offers cocaine addiction treatment. Furthermore, don’t forget to check if it is able to treat other drugs and co-occurring mental conditions.