Drug Addiction Treatment

A chronic disease, Drug addiction is characterised by uncontrollable drug use despite knowing the harmful consequences. The changes in the body or the mind can be long-lasting and can even lead to harmful behaviours. Such indications are very common among the people who are prone to the regular use or intake of drugs. Also, termed as a relapsing disease, it compels people to return to the drug after attempting to stop using them once. Like most of the deadly disease treatments, the treatment involving drugs is called as Drug Addiction Treatment and can be availed at a de addiction centre.

The treatment of drugs commences with a voluntary step to stop taking the drugs by an individual which begins with some persuasion. This is almost similar to the path to drug addiction where it all begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs. But as the time passes, the ability of an individual to refrain from doing so deteriorates and he or she becomes addicted to drugs.

What is Drug Addiction Treatment?

In simple words, drug addiction treatment is an intended help given to the addicted individuals where they are stopped from seeking the use of drugs. This treatment happens in a variety of settings, has many forms, and runs for a different time length. Since drug addiction is a usually a chronic disorder, hence, one-time treatment is not sufficient. In many cases, the treatment becomes a long-term process involving multiple interventions along with regular monitoring. Drug rehabilitation centres have the most suitable individuals who are needed in the process of detoxification treatments. These psychiatrists an physiotherapists will help the addict lessen his or her drug cravings and ultimately quit doing them.

The principles of an Effective drug treatment

As per the scientific research done since the mid-1970s, following key principles form the basis of an effective drug treatment program at a de addiction centre:

  1. Although drug addiction is a complex disease that impacts the function of the brain and human behaviour yet can be treated.
  2. Like every individual cannot be treated with equal ways, no single treatment is applied to everyone.
  3. Drug addicted people must be provided with a quick access to treatment.
  4. An effective drug addiction treatment involves addressing all the needs of the patients and not just their drug addiction part.
  5. To stay long enough in the treatment is crucial for a drug user.
  6. Counselling and other behavioral therapies also form the most commonly used forms of effective treatment.
  7. When combined with behavioral therapies, medications prove to be an important part of treatment.
  8. The planning of the drug addiction treatment must be reviewed regularly as well as modified in accordance with the need of the patient.
  9. The first stage of treatment involves medically assisted detoxification.
  10. In order to be effective, it isn’t necessary for the treatment to be voluntary.
  11. The use of drugs must be monitored continuously during treatment.


Journey of Drug Addiction Treatment

With the help of available varied alternatives at de-addiction centres, there are many successful ones in drug addiction treatment, involving –

  1. Behavioral counselling
  2. Medication
  3. Use of medical applications and devices to treat the withdrawal symptoms or provide the training of any such skills.
  4. Treating and evaluating for any co-occurring mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and more
  5. Involving in follow-ups for a long time to prevent relapse