Nasha Mukti Kendra Delhi provides a wide range of various services that help get rid of addiction, such as Counselling, Detoxification, Nutritional support, Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, Therapeutic services, etc.

  • Drug Addiction Treatment

    In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary for one to quit drugs. Drug addiction treatment provides the right motivation required to curb this habit.

  • Detoxification Treatment

    Detoxification treatment is the most important step for any recovering addict. We provide the best detoxification facilities at each of our centres.

  • Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

    In order to quit alcohol consumption, it is necessary for the addict to receive the right treatment. Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres facilitate the medical attention required to help quit drinking.

  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment

    At our institutions, Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment ensures that recovering addicts have a safe, healthy environment for them to reform themselves.

  • Cocaine Addiction Treatment

    We provide Cocaine Addiction Treatment to addicts who require exclusive attention to deal with their cocaine addiction issues.

  • MDMA De-Addiction Treatment

    Our centres provide extensive and exclusive MDMA De-Addiction Treatment, curated specially for every individual.

  • Substance Abuse Rehab Centres

    Substance abuse is a plague that has hit our city like a storm. Our centres are the most credible substance abuse rehab centres and use the most advance techniques to combat this issue.

  • Yoga for Addiction and Depression

    Our services use a holistic approach to combat addiction. Along with having a healthy body, it is also necessary to have a healthy mind. To enable this, practice of yoga for addiction and depression is adopted in the centres, which is necessary for an overall healthy lifestyle.

  • Gutkha Deaddiction Centres

    Consumption of gutkha is one of the biggest causes of oral cancer. Our Gutkha Deaddiction Centres adopt the most extensive methods of deaddiction to help addicts curb this habit.

  • Tobacco De-Addiction Centres

    Deaddiction is a slow process that requires exclusive participation. Our Tobacco De-Addiction Centres are well equipped with modern facilities and methods that fix tobacco addiction in a gradual manner.