Substance Abuse Rehab Centres

Substance abuse is one of the biggest social evils that is prevalent among the youth of any nation. Addiction to substance abuse, be it cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or other synthetic drugs, can be fatal for the addict, and even the family. Addicts, when in withdrawal, may go into a frenzy, and can even turn violent. If provided with the proper care, understanding and guidance, it can be a smoother transition for the consumer. In such cases, it is always better for both the addict as well as the family to turn towards Substance Abuse Rehab Centres and other de addiction centres.

What Does Substance Abuse Do?

Drugs act as an escape from the society and the pressure that comes as a part of life. Wayward individuals often tend to get deviated from their paths and turn towards narcotics to escape the realities of life, or sometimes just for cheap thrills. Picturization of drug abuse in movies is also a factor that influences people towards substance abuse. It is often portrayed as a trendy, cool habit, and if someone does not consume drugs, they are not cool enough. Due to these factors, people often begin consuming drugs and hence become addicts. In order to save his future, it is necessary to send an addict to a Substance Abuse Rehab Centre. For example, for cocaine, which is considered to be a widely used drug in India, and has destroyed the life of many young adults, we offer a highly-effective cocaine addiction treatment at all the Nasha Mutki Kendra in the cities across India. Another toxic substance, Gutkha, which had been sought for banning by many states, is way more harmful than tobacco itself because it contains more than 4000 chemicals mixed together. Our gutkha de addiction centres spread across Delhi-NCR have some of the best treatments to pull an individual out of his or her addiction.

Who Needs a Rehabilitation Centre?

Once consumers are termed as addicts, they are often alienated by their friends and family, which only leads to an increase in frustration, thereby inducing an over consumption of drugs. This can lead to catastrophic results such as anxiety, loneliness, insomnia, depression, mental disorder, suicidal tendencies, and may in-turn even lead to death. Admitting the addicts to a rehabilitation Centre and understanding what the addict is going through, is a pre-requisite in treatment of addiction. The biggest support an individual can have is from their family and friends, who can observe the activities of the recovering addict, and keep an eye open for signs of relapse. There is no lack of rehabilitation centres; only a lack of awareness.

Substance Abuse Rehab Centres provide a safe haven for anyone who seeks to improve their health and lifestyle. A rehab centre provides a much safer environment for recovering addicts as the staff is highly trained and efficient in dealing with withdrawal symptoms that tend to occur during detoxification. Take a look at our de-addiction centres spread across various cities.

Best Substance Abuse Rehab Centre

Everyone seeking treatment at de addiction centres that have tie-ups with Nasha Mukti Kendra Delhi is provided with a unique treatment methodology, as per the extent of their addiction. This ensures that recovering addicts receive the best possible treatment for their addiction. Nasha Mukti Kendra Delhi ensures a safe environment for recovering addicts, with services such as in-patient and out-patient care, counselling, detoxification, family counselling, along with therapeutic services, diet plans, etc. More importantly, all the psychiatrists and physiotherapists working with our Substance Abuse Rehab Centres are highly qualified and dedicated individuals who ensure a recovery rate of 95%. With the help of our highly-effective detoxification treatments, we have helped thousands of individuals get over with their addictions and recover in the shortest possible time.