Tobacco De-Addiction Centres

The preparation of tobacco leaves is done form the tobacco plant by preserving them with other elements. Alkaloid nicotine and harmala alkaloids are primarily present in tobacco which work as the body stimulant. When the leaves of the tobacco plant are dried, they are then used in cigars, cigarettes, and other flavored tobacco products. These are equally responsible for triggering the addiction. However, going to a Tobacco De-Addiction Centres can certainly help in getting rid of this deadly addiction.

Harmful effects of Tobacco

There are N number of diseases that can occur due to the consumption of Tobacco. These diseases include cancer and other deadly diseases related to liver, heart, and lungs. It was in 2008 when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared tobacco as the only largest cause of death which needs to be prevented today.

Inhalation of deadly chemicals happens when an individual smoke tobacco in any form. During this time, harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, cyanide, and carcinogens get inside the body and become the cause of a fatal disease in heart and lungs. There are many carcinogenic substances present in tobacco that can lead to cancer even in a healthy body.

The integral part of Tobacco, Nicotine triggers a high level of dopamine that is often referred to as the happy chemical for the brain. These lead to the psychological addiction.

Symptoms of Tobacco Addiction

  1. Not able to stop chewing and smoking tobacco, even after trying many times.
  2. Rigorous withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shaky hands, rapid heart rate etc. at the time of quitting.
  3. High yearns to intake tobacco at regular time intervals, for example – after every meal or at the beginning of the day at work.
  4. Going ahead with consuming tobacco and tying the need for a high level of stress.
  5. Getting depressed if not able to continue with the regular tobacco consumption.

What makes us different from other Tobacco De-Addiction Centres?

Post listing the side-effects and the symptoms of this deadly disease, we are certain that you will now go with the Tobacco De-Addiction Centre where you can get intensive as well as good care. But it has been usually seen that such a good level of good care is normally absent in many De-Addiction Centres present all over the country. But when it comes to our center, we intend to keep things unique. With a highly trained team of dedicated professionals, extremely best care to the patients is guaranteed.

At our Tobacco De-Addiction Centre, the best-assured techniques which are accepted all over the world are implied on the patients. The services offered at our center some designed in keeping the view, the addiction years and the intensity. Along with our expert consultation, we also have a guest consultant who isn’t just expert in the field but carries a globally renowned recognition in the rehabilitation and de-addiction. We are not just limited to physical treatment, we use psychological and behavioral treatments. Hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and neuro-linguistic programming are some of the methods used at our center.