Frequently Asked Questions

We, at Nasha Mukti Kendra, understand your concern when it comes to your own, or a loved one’s health. This is why we answer all your queries regarding addiction, our programs, the cost of treatment, et cetera. Here are a few frequently asked questions that people generally come to us with.

Apart from obvious signs of consumption, such as physical remnants, there are several behavioural signs, such as obsessiveness, loss of control, denial of addiction, et cetera.

The de-addiction and rehabilitation services provided at Nasha Mukti Kendra are priced according to your affordability. Depending upon your spending capacity, you are allotted a centre whose prices fit into your budget.

Recovery from addiction can take from a month, to years. It depends on whether the addict wants to transform himself. As soon as the de-addiction and rehabilitation program is complete, the person may begin leading a normal life.

There is a term known as 'golden period'. We try to help addicts recover within that golden period of 3 months. However, incase of severe cases, this duration may need to be extended.

If someone you know is an addict, do not try to interfere with the consumption as he or she may turn violent. Do not try to take away his or her poison. Instead, you can contact us regarding the problem, and we will provide assistance.

If a recovered addict goes back to his old ways, and resumes the consumption of the intoxicant, it is known as 'relapse'

Yes, it is possible to relapse even after several years of having quit drugs and alcoholism.

Yes, you can sponsor someone else's treatment. We, at Nasha Mukti Kendra, are here to help anyone who wishes to reform themselves.

Yes, we accept donations. For more information, contact us.

Yes, we have several volunteers, such as physiotherapists, psychologists, physicians, and social workers. For more information, contact us.

In order to avail our services, simply fill the form on our website, and wait for us to contact you. We look forward to a bright future for you!

Do you have any other queries? Feel free to contact us regarding any other questions you may have. You can send us an email at and we will surely get back to you.