Detoxification Treatment

What is Detoxification Treatment?

Commonly called as Detox, Detoxification Treatment is a procedure where the toxic substances from the body are removed. This process is taken into use for the addictions of both, alcohol and drugs. The treatment is often mistaken for a comprehensive treatment but it is actually the first step taken in the drug rehabilitation program. For the program to attain a reasonable chance of success, making the person stabilised physically who is struggling with the addiction. This first step is where the detox treatment comes into play. When the addiction is more than the usual, another approach of a medical detox is taken into consideration for the better management of the withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings. Inpatients programs involve providing voluntary detox treatment at alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres. There are varying approaches in these facilities which depend upon one’s addiction scope or how long he or she has been struggling with addiction and requires a drug and alcohol treatment.

Importance of a Detoxification Treatment

Detoxification Treatment has been proven to be helpful for all the patients who are drug or alcohol addicts. Moreover, it is really important to empty out all the existing drugs or alcohol from your system and is a crucial step when it comes to addiction treatment. There are many drugs that remain in the body of the user for many days, and even weeks after the last drug use. However, this process to detox is uncomfortable and hard because often withdrawal symptoms are exhibited by the body as it becomes hard to not fall for the cravings. Such symptoms often become dangerous and, in some cases, could even lead to seizures or a stroke. Many treatment programs at the de addiction centres for drug and alcohol addiction perform detoxification so that the patient receives a good care under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.


What happens after the Detoxification Treatment?

Once the Detoxification Treatment is over, the patient will still have to continue the treatment in order to completely recover from his or her addiction of drug use. Mostly, after the detox is over, the further rehab program requires the patient to join a therapy at the de addiction centre. These are usually needed to help the patient learn the methods of dealing with the temptations and problems related to the use of the drug again in the future. The support and therapy can be achieved in the de addiction centre or via an outpatient service. Further, there is another aspect of this treatment which is needed after the detox program is done – blood tests administration by a doctor to ensure no further presence of toxic substances. If there are no follow-up treatments, chances are that there would be no permanent changes from detoxification and the user may soon relapse after initial detoxification. But if the patient actively takes part in the treatment programs, the odds could vastly be improved and the changes from detoxification leads to a permanent cessation of drug or alcohol use. Always remember that the Detoxification Treatment for addiction can vary among different users, even in the cases where the same drug is involved.