Gutkha De-Addiction Centres

The preparation of gutka or gutkha is done by crushing tobacco, paraffin wax, areca nut, catechu, savory flavorings and slaked lime. Produced largely in India, it is even exported to other countries as well. Gutka is virtually a poison as it is a mixture of more than 4,000 chemicals. Out of these many chemicals, at least 40 are carcinogenic compounds. The intake of different types of gutka is reportedly due to the relaxation and stimulant effects it has on the user, making them easily addicted to it. However, to avoid these compelling stimulating factors, there is a great need to visit the Gutkha De Addiction Centre and get rid of this deadly habit.

It is very common for the consumers to consider its use as a harmless one but the reality comes from the medical practitioners, especially, oncologists. As per them, the consumption of gutka is way more harmful than tobacco and some of its effects are listed below –

  1. Pan Masala is one of the deadly forms of gutka which is shown to be gentle or harmless in the advertisements. In many cases, it is portrayed as something related to betel nuts. As a matter of fact, this isn’t the case. The total amount of betel nuts in both, Pan Masala and Gutkha is meagre. To get the clear picture, one must look for the composition present on the gutka packet. But once you have decided to go to the Gutkha De-Addiction Centres, there is no such need.
  2. Apart from the carcinogenic compounds, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide are also present in the gutka. All these compounds result in ulcerative lesions which are incurable. The impact areas of the oral cavity are cheek, lips, floor, and the tongue includes the soft palate, as well as, the hard palate. The voice box, some kidney parts, and the food pipe may also get affected.
  3. This even increases the chances of developing cancer in various parts of the body such as mouth, throat, lungs, and esophagus. Heart diseases and other related diseases are also developed as a result of blood vessels size narrowing, and in extreme cases, they may even get blocked.
  4. Unusual sleep patterns, loss in concentration power, and loss of appetite are some of the added damaging effects that gutka has on one’s body.

All the aforementioned effects can be cured with time, as well as, avoided if the individual is taken to a substance abuse rehab centre.


How Can Gutkha De-Addiction Centres Help?

Gutkha De-Addiction Centres are very effective in treating the addiction to gutka. With the help of experts present in these centers and their years of experience, they can help to make the recover gets assured. Tried and tested ways that are globally accepted are used in the recovery process. It goes without saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, at a de-addiction centre, not just the physiology, but also the patient’s mental state is assessed as well. With the help of the 12-step de addiction program, the success rate is a sure-shot 100%. Only an effective detoxification treatment can enable the individual to get over his addiction and lead a healthy life.