Life of an Alcoholic

Life of an Alcoholic

One of the many social evils prevalent in the society, since time immemorial, is alcoholism. The life of an alcoholic may initially begin as a cheap thrill, accompanied by peer pressure, or an attempt to look cool. Alcohol is a substance whose consumption gives an adrenalin rush to the user. This initial adrenalin rush causes the drinker to crave more alcohol. Once the person gives in to this initial craving, it becomes a habit, which further evolves into an addiction. This addiction is a poison that blends deep into the person’s life and ultimately destroys it. A De addiction centre can help that individual to get out of this miser.  He or she can then lead a happy and productive life.

Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol tends to create disturbance in the lives of the people around the alcoholic, especially members of the family. We have seen various cases of alcoholism where the addict would get extremely agitated if not provided with alcohol and may even resort to violence. A detoxification treatment is all that the individual would need in this case. But, this is just one of the many side-effects of alcoholism. There are several other downsides caused by alcoholism, which can affect both the physical and mental state of the drinker. Our alcohol rehabilitation centre is the perfect destination where we have some of the leading psychiatrists and physiotherapists who provide uncompromised care to improve the lives of such individuals.

Side Effects of Alcoholism

Physical Side Effects of Alcoholism

The physical effects are a series of illnesses and conditions that the person develops. These include heart problems, problems in proper functioning of the liver, impotency, kidney failure, and liver cirrhosis. In most cases, these illnesses and conditions tend to go unnoticed, as an alcoholic would just not care about the symptoms occurring, as long as, he or she is able to consume alcohol. When the symptoms are noticed, the treatment of the condition tends to be so expensive, that the person may lose hope and simply decide to continue drinking, in spite of the symptoms. In most cases, this ultimately leads to untimely death.

Mental Side Effects of Alcoholism

Similarly, alcohol addiction affects the mental state of the addict. When an alcoholic does not consume alcohol, he or she may lose the temper and could even resort to violence. An alcoholic may exert symptoms of restlefssness, anxiety, loss of memory, along with several other factors. The biggest sign of an addiction is denial. Once the consumption of alcohol evolves from a habit to an addiction, it is too late for the addict to quit merely out of willpower. In such cases, the person will need to go to an alcohol de-addiction centre.

To know more about the physical and metal effects of alcoholism, we conduct some of the best rehab counselling in Delhi, where we have interactive sessions with the concerned individuals. Our purpose here is to ensure that every family member’s issue gets a solution and hopefully resolves in the shortest time.

Treatment of Alcoholism

At our alcohol de addiction centres, we have treated several cases of alcoholism. In most cases, it was the family who approached us regarding the treatment of the addict; although this was not the case every time. Sometimes, the addicts simply wanted to reform their way of life. The teams at Nasha Mukti Kendra centres have successfully relieved several people from their addictions. And, they have also reformed their lifestyles through the use of various treatments and therapies.

If you are, or know anyone who is an alcoholic, do contact us. We will be happy to provide all kinds of de addiction treatments and counselling to those individuals.

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