Effect of Alcoholism on Family Life

The effect of alcoholism on family life may not be prevalent to the addict. But the outsiders observe that the problem has a hard-hitting impact on them. Ever so often, when people start drinking alcohol, they tend to think that it only affects them. It is easy to assume that the physical and mental effects of alcohol abuse only affect the drinker, when in fact, it also has an impact on the individual’s family life. When someone in the family has a drinking problem, it affects everyone. This includes the parents, kids, siblings, or the spouse. And when the habit becomes out of the individual’s control, it is important that the family takes a necessary step such as taking him or her to the de addiction centres.

How Alcoholism Affects Family Life

Ever found yourself thinking how alcoholism affects family life? Here is the answer. As a case in point, let’s observe the case of an ex-addict, Mukesh, who was admitted to one of our alcohol rehabilitation centre by his family.

Influenced by Father

Mukesh started drinking at the age of 16 after being influenced by his father’s drinking habits. At the tender age of 7, he was exposed to several fights between his parents due to his father being an alcoholic. As a child, he was a witness to the various instances of domestic violence, where his father beat his mother when she objected to him being drunk. No one else in the family objected to this, and hence, young Mukesh began thinking that alcoholism and domestic violence is acceptable. Moreover, at this point of time, nobody had thought of taking him to a de addiction centre because they were scared of what could happen to him.

Alcohol Addiction Post Marriage

Eventually, Mukesh’s father died of alcohol poisoning, which was a sign of relief for his mother, but not for himself. He continued alcoholism post marriage. Now a grown man with his own family to take care of, his wife would often taunt him for his drinking habits, which were creating a financial crisis in the family. After a lot of pressure from his mother, wife, and kids, Mukesh finally decided to seek treatment and attended the rehab counselling in Delhi at one of our prestigious de addiction centres in the NCR region.

Life after De-Addiction

There is a lot of change in his family life after the alcohol de-addiction treatment. We observed that after the de-addiction treatment at Nasha Mukti Kendra centres was complete, Mukesh began to reform his life and changed his ways, while trying to mend relations with his family. He told us that life after de-addiction was better; his family was happy, the financial crisis was over, his professional life improved and he even got a promotion. A good detoxification treatment is all that was needed for Mukesh, which they got our rehabilitation centre.

Treatment of Alcoholism

Treatment of alcohol addiction is possible. At Nasha Mukti Kendra, we have treated several cases of alcoholism. In most cases, the family would approach us regarding the treatment; although this was not the case every time. Sometimes, the addicts themselves wanted to reform their way of life. The teams at Nasha Mukti Kendra centres have successfully relieved several people from their addictions.  Moreover, they have also reformed their lifestyles through the use of various treatments and therapies. Our rehabilitation centres for alcohol and drug addicts are well-known for their leading psychiatrists in Delhi.

If you know anyone who is an alcoholic, do contact us. We will be happy to provide our alcohol de addiction treatment and make that individual’s life even better.

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